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Portfolio Category: Industrial

Breitburn Energy Co

This microturbine project for Breitburn consisted of installing a new 12kv switchgear on the secondary side of a 2,000 kva oil filled substation transformer with a 2,500A bus 480V switchgear, a gas conditioning skid and 21 microturbines on an oil field site to provide co-generation of power. Gas piping was routed to the new gas…
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Monterey Park City Hall

CJTSS provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering designs services for the replacement of twenty-nine packaged gas/electric air conditioning units serving the City Hall and Police Department Building. Our scope of work included field survey and documentation of existing equipment to verify comparable replacement equipment. Electrical engineering included verifying existing feeders and voltage drop for reused.…
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Stanley Mosk Courthouse – Los Angeles

CJTSS provided mechanical and electrical engineering designs services for the addition of new chilled water and heating hot water air conditioning units serving an office renovation in the Courthouse Building. The mechanical design included the addition of a new dedicated outside air fan and mixing boxes to satisfy breathing rates. Electrical engineering included designing new…
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North Hollywood Police Department

The project scope consisted of the addition of one new 100-ton air cooled chiller to provide redundancy to the existing chilled water system at the North Hollywood Police Department.  Mechanical engineering design was provided to connect the new chilled water supply and return lines into the existing main distribution headers. Electrical power design was required…
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